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At MERCHCAMP, we are looking for artists, agencies,
Labels can easily sell their products through consignment.

"It seemed possible, but it wasn't."
A new online store that brings together music lovers in a new way, leading to the future

"Can be used daily"
As demand for artist merchandise increases,
"Wear the merch of your favorite artist"

"Listen to music by artists who like marching music ."
We are exploring the possibility of new purchasing motivations.
With an eye on approaching the light layer,
We aim to expand the market.

We believe that MERCHCAMP's purpose in existence is not to sell merchandise, but to provide a place where fans can enjoy discovering new artists.

To make it easier to understand, let’s use the business model of a performance business as follows:
The existing official store will be "Solo Performance",
MERCHCAMP's role can be positioned as that of a "festival."


For more music lovers
Get to know the artist
The opportunity to develop into a core fan through the product purchase experience
MERCHCAMP provides:

Nice to meet you, artist
I fell in love with the design of the goods at first sight.
I think that kind of encounter is possible.

If you are interested,
Please feel free to contact us!